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Kara Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Kara Brown was one of the first employees at Echo Global Logistics. Echo grew quickly in three years and her name is on the company’s 2009 IPO press release [NYSE: ECHO].

At a Nashville-based supply chain management company Kara weathered a major communications crisis with almost no market exposure before moving to Atlanta in 2016. Brown is also an active force in cultivating Atlanta’s female economy, being a Co-Founder of CloseHer, a community for women in sales.

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Will Haraway

Chief Content Officer

Will Haraway

Chief Content Officer

Will Haraway has 20 years of executive experience in B2B Technology Marketing.

Will is a certified analyst relations practitioner by the Knowledge Capital Group and has helped companies including Manhattan Associates, Aptos, Atlantix Global Systems, American Software, and Rubicon Global improve their brand reputations with marketing results that help increase sales.


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