Powering Profitable Growth

“Our clients that are being really successful right now are folks that are willing to pick up the phone. That’s really it. It’s not complicated.”
– Kara Brown Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Lead Coverage

Powering Profitable Growth

There are very few business situations that are naturally being improved by the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, and yet, for smart, hardworking entrepreneurs, there are opportunities to be created. Kara Brown, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Lead Coverage, has identified and is acting on one of those opportunities to grow her business and drive ROI for her clients.

Lead Coverage provides lead generation and conversion services as well as marketing and PR for supply chain. They have hired a number of trained and experienced sales reps to join their team, professionals who would otherwise be beyond their reach, but who are temporarily available because of the pandemic downturn.

In this conversation, Kara opens up with Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White about:

  • Some of her favorite ‘secret’ tools for improving sales and marketing efforts
  • How to make sure sales and marketing are positioned to leverage current client wins to grow the business
  • Why this is the moment to speak up if you have invented a solution to ‘what’s coming next’

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