B2B Marketing Solutions Fueled by Results

Marketing + Sales Alignment
The divide between marketing and sales contributes to stalled deals and missed opportunities at the top of the funnel. We specialize in closing that gap.
Public Relations
Optimizing public, investor, and analyst relations makes a crucial impact to reputation, influence, and sales. Strong systems deliver positive results to your brand and image.
Text and display ads are a powerful tool. We amplify content to reach your ICPs through social media conversion, email nurture, PR, and PPC + SEO practices. 
Tech Stack
The average B2B Mar-Tech stack is 17 tools deeps, and you have well over 7,000 options in the space and growing. We make it easy for you to find the best fit.
Lead Generation
Valuable content like case studies and brochures allows us to use key messaging to nurture leads, convert ICPs, and build your database.
Social + Email Conversion
Reach prospects with the right messaging at the right time. Our closed-loop, repeatable processes with list curation helps us scale and expand your reach.
Sales Development Representatives
Our SDRs will identify and warm up new targets, monitor buying signals to maximize first contact, make the connection,then hand off qualified leads for your sales team to close.
Sales Accountability
Measuring the success of your marketing + sales can be difficult. KPI reporting dashboards can show you activity in real-time to help you improve.

What You Can Expect From Us


Curate a strategic & prescriptive approach to expand your business.


Build closed-loop processes that deliver bottom-line results.


Create & share valuable content that converts leads.


Put plans into action so you can reach & increase your audience.


You can’t measure what you don’t track.

Transforming Marketing Math
into Compelling Storytelling

Conveying Your Story
Your ideal client is out there, waiting to be captivated. Don’t become a part of the manipulative noise; make an impact on the way they engage! At LeadCoverage, we build content that resonates with your clients’ desire for relatable story telling. All content and strategy is run through an intensive storyboarding session to make sure:
Internal Problems are Identified
All actions taken by a client are an attempt to solve an internal problem. We identify the internal problems that your clients share to grant insights into the reasoning behind their external actions. These insights guide the narrative behind the unique solution created by your organization.
Vision Matches Reality
A brand’s image should reflect a clear and realistic vision. We work with each client to ensure your core values are translated into a consistent vision. Showing your audience that you have a solid grasp of your identity goes a long way in conveying a compelling storybrand.
Results are Consistent
There are no flukes when it comes to generating a passionate client base. We ensure the achieved results are informed by marketing math and easily understood to clearly outline the value added. This allows you to continue to keep track of these systems and manipulate the strategies for the life of your company.

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