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We work hard, have fun, and really love to drive ROI for clients. Aaron Ross in his second book, Predictable Revenue says, “Lead Gen marketers can figure out corporate marketing. Corporate marketing cannot figure out lead gen. Ever.” If you believe this is true, then you might be just the right fit for us.
We believe:
  • Sales and Marketing should be one team
  • Marketing should carry a bag
  • There’s no room for throwing *anyone* under the bus in business
  • We respect the heck out of each other and work hard to make sure every single person contributes
What we look for:
  • A hustler (You’ve always had 2 jobs)
  • Organized (Your closet is organized not just by season, but by color and pant length)
  • Trustworthy (People give you money to hold onto for them)
  • A writer (Oxford comma, anyone?)
  • Timely (5 minutes early is late to you)
  • Tech-Savvy (You were an early Snapchat adopter)
  • Smart (You were in AP classes sophomore year of HS)

What we don't need:
  • A traditional digital marketing shop—we don’t lead with websites or color theory
  • A toxic work environment—negative attitudes and blaming are not tolerated
  • A bro culture—we’re mostly women
  • Inflexibility—we’re 100% virtual as of April 2020

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